Update 3

Test Drive Unlimited patch is now out which will enable force feedback in the game. This is a patch many Microsoft Wheel owners have been waiting for and now it is finally out there have been mixed responses. Some people are really liking the extra response from the car through the feedback but others are disappointed because the car will sometimes throw then in the opposite direction a bit to violently. I don't have a wheel so I cannot give my opinion. Apart from the wheel a few other changes have occurred.

The 100% symbol has been fixed which is nice but the handling has been changed to some people dislike. It is a lot harder to drift the car than it was but to be honest there isn't a big difference. The handling changes have been denied by Atari saying only force feed back and a few small fixes were put in on the update.

Overall this update has come through, all be it a little late, and has preformed what it said it would with no obvious new bug that we have found as of yet.

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