The new download content for Test Drive Unlimited is with us after a long wait. We have six new cars available for 350 points, one free car and hardcore mode which is 160 points.

The free car is a Cadillac CTS-V. On top of being a free car this also allows you to see other peoples cars if the bought the new car pack. Being 25mb it might take a while to download it though it will only be a few minutes and it is well worth getting even if you won't ever drive it, you don't want to see the default car to often.

Onto the car pack. This consists of a Ruf R Turbo, a 1971 Corvette Stingray, a Crossfire RT6 Roadster, an Audi S6, a Mercedes CLK GTR and my favourite the Ferrari F40. All the cars are modelled brilliantly and as far as I can tell have no huge bugs with them. This is a must buy for any fan of the game and really adds something to the game.

Hardcore mode. Something we have been waiting for has finally come to us at a very good price of 160 points. There was been great criticism about a mix up about getting it free with the second car pack but Atari have stuck with their 160 point price and its brilliant. It has been designed for the MS wheel but it worked well with the normal pad. New features include a new interface showing how the suspension is coping, what the tires are doing and how hot they are as well as a G meter and throttle meter. Great to look at but to be honest not much use. The graphics have been remodelled which make the car feel heaver and less forgiving. Gravity is a lot more realistic because it doesn't pull you back into the road. When you don't want it to and you really have to pay attention to how much power your putting it through the corners. This has turned a fairly arcade game into a simulator fairly well and is well worth a purchase.

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